Outreach Calls to Keep You Healthy

Have you recently received a call from Healthfirst? We’re here for you to make sure you get the best possible services and to keep you informed about important updates.

Why did I receive a call?

Healthfirst strives to keep our members educated on

  • the latest screenings.
  • medicine schedules.
  • immunizations and more.

On occasion we’ll call with important reminders, and also to make sure you’re at your peak health and aware of your benefits.

You may receive an automated or live call from any of the numbers listed below*, which will show up in your caller ID as Healthfirst.

*Do not use the phone numbers below to contact Healthfirst.

Visit our contact page and we’ll help you get in touch with the right department.

The Essential Plan and
Leaf or Leaf Premier Plans


Child Health Plus

Renewal, Prescription, Health, and Other Coverage Reminders

What to expect if you receive a call


Live Calls

Our representatives may ask you to confirm your identity by verifying some information about you, such as your

  • full name.
  • date of birth.
  • and/or Member ID number.

Automated Calls

You’ll need to enter your birth year and zip code to identify yourself. No additional personal information is required. Next, you’ll be prompted to respond based on your individual healthcare needs.

Healthfirst is here to make sure you live your best, healthiest life. We’re here to make sure you use all the benefits available to you to make this possible.

Thank you for choosing Healthfirst.

While only your healthcare provider can offer a diagnosis, a prescription, or medical advice, Healthfirst nurses can provide information on health-related topics.

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