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Generic vs. Brand

Generic drugs are approved by the FDA to be just as safe and effective as brand-name drugs. They both have the same active ingredients, but generic drugs usually cost a lot less. This means you can save money on your prescriptions and still get the same benefits as you would from brand-name medication. Talk to your doctor about whether generic medications are right for you.

90-Day Mail Order (Caremark)

You may save time and money with Caremark’s mail-order service by getting a 90-day supply of certain medications conveniently mailed to your home for the same cost as a 30-day supply. That’s three (3) months of medication for the cost of one (1) month of medication. And you’d have to refill only four (4) times a year instead of 12.

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Financial Help with My Advocate®

If you’re a Healthfirst Medicare Advantage member, you can get support through My Advocate. My Advocate can connect you with financial programs that offer medication discounts, help with copays and Medicare Part B premiums, transportation discounts, and more. To sign up, click below.

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program and Extra Help

If you’re a Healthfirst Medicare Advantage member and meet certain income requirements, the EPIC program can help you with Medicare Part D out-of-pocket drug costs and premium payments. You may also qualify for the Extra Help program, which also provides help with paying for your drugs. Click below for more information.

Healthfirst Pharmacy Team (exclusively for Healthfirst Medicare Advantage plan members)

If you’re a Healthfirst Medicare Advantage plan member, our Healthfirst Pharmacy Team can help you figure out how to possibly reduce your out-of-pocket costs for your medications. We can also help you with refill reminders or any other challenges you may have getting your prescriptions.

If you’re a Healthfirst Medicare Advantage member, call 1-844-347-2955 for more information.

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