Healthfirst Medicare Advantage Plans Receive a 4-Star Rating (out of 5) for 2024 Star Program Year

Oct 16, 2023

Regional Health Plan Has Earned 4 Stars in Four of the Past Five Years

Healthfirst announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded a 4-Star Rating (out of 5 stars) to its largest Medicare Advantage Plan Contract for 2024 Star Ratings. These plans provide access to high quality care to over 200,000 New Yorkers. Medicare Star Ratings provide consumers with valuable information needed to compare health plans, with scores varying from a low of 1 to a high of 5.

The Healthfirst Medicare Advantage products awarded a 4-Star-Rating (out of 5 stars) include:

  • Healthfirst CompleteCare
  • Healthfirst Life Improvement Plan (LIP)
  • Healthfirst Increased Benefits Plan (IBP)
  • Healthfirst 65 Plus Plan

Last year, Healthfirst Signature Medicare (PPO) plan was introduced for 2023. The plan was designed to provide Medicare beneficiaries the flexibility to receive coverage for out-of-network care or to choose the lower-cost option of receiving care from Healthfirst’s extensive network of in-network physicians and providers. The Healthfirst Signature (HMO), which lets members personalize their plan with a Choice Extra Benefit of either a $70/quarter OTC card or up to 25 one-way trips to see providers for covered services and pharmacies, earned a rating of 3.5 stars for contract year 2022.

“For Healthfirst, being a top-quality plan means that we are fulfilling our mission,” said Pat Wang, President and CEO of Healthfirst. “As a hyperlocal plan, we are embedded in the community. It is a core part of our reputation to be known as a reliable, trusted, consistent plan that is committed to the quality of healthcare received by our members, and that we also work closely with our healthcare providers to help enable them to deliver better quality.”

Medicare Star rating scores are based on several key categories, including:

  • Health plan member experience
  • Preventive care, including screenings
  • Managing long-term chronic conditions
  • Drug plan member experience

Additional information about the CMS Star Ratings can be found at

Healthfirst offers a portfolio of Medicare Advantage plans that in 2024 will include money-saving benefits such as dental services as low as $0—including dentures, crowns, root canals, and extractions—with no annual benefit maximum, a yearly eyewear allowance of up to $350, and an OTC Plus card of at least $525/qtr. for over-the-counter items, healthy foods, most home utilities, and more. Members can access care at more than 100,000 provider locations, and our PPO plan offers the option of going to out-of-network providers.

With the Annual Election Period (AEP) kicking off this October 15, Healthfirst is confident these ratings will help people who are shopping for a top-quality plan. To learn more about the Healthfirst Medicare Advantage plans offered, visit