Healthfirst Medicare Members have Access
to Benefits During a Disaster or Emergency

Healthfirst is here to help make sure your healthcare remains a top priority when a disaster occurs.

In the event a disaster or public health emergency is declared, Healthfirst will be there to assist our members by:

  • Waiving referral requirements and prior authorizations, where applicable
  • Allowing out-of-network services and benefits at in-network cost sharing
  • Making changes that benefit you effective immediately, without a 30-day notification requirement.

Disasters and public health emergencies may be declared by:

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • A Federal, state, or local government entity

The public health emergency or disaster ends 30 days after any of the following occur:

  • All sources that declared a disaster or emergency declare an end.
  • The emergency or disaster has expired and has not been renewed.
  • There is no longer a disruption of access to healthcare.

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