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How to get your health insurance back

No longer eligible for Medicaid?

If you lost Medicaid eligibility due to income, we have many affordable health plans for you.

Learn more about our plans

Essential Plan and Child Health Plus Members

If you lost your or your child’s health coverage—or if you forgot to renew—call us.
We’ll help you re-enroll by phone.

Need help paying for your family’s health coverage?

We’ll help you qualify for financial assistance based on your income and family size.

All you have to do is contact us.

We’ll work with NY State of Health (NYSOH) to re-enroll you and your family.
Once you’re covered, you can see your doctor and get your prescriptions again.

Contact us to reactivate your coverage


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TTY English: 1-888-542-3821

TTY Español: 1-888-867-4132

Want to meet in person?

Meet with an enrollment representative at a community office in your neighborhood

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