Whether you need prescription drugs or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, Healthfirst makes it easy to get the medicine you need.

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What’s Covered? What’s the Cost?

Help with Costs

Staying on track with your medications can be hard. Healthfirst can help make it easier.

Refill Reminders

Whichever pharmacy you choose, ask if they can send you refill reminders. That way you’ll know when it’s time to pick up your next refill and always have enough medication available. It’s very important to continue to take your medications as directed by your doctor.

90-Day Prescriptions

Sometimes it could be challenging to refill and pick up your medications every month. Ninety-day prescriptions may be a good option for you. Instead of picking up your medication every month, you can pick it up every three months. That’s just four (4) times a year instead of 12. Ask your doctor about a 90-day prescription for your medications.

Healthfirst Pharmacy Team [exclusively for Healthfirst Medicare Advantage plan members]

If you’re a Healthfirst Medicare Advantage plan member, we can help you manage your ­­medications to stay on track with your refills. We’ll s­end you reminders and can also help with any challenges you may have with getting your prescriptions.

Our Healthfirst pharmacy team is here to help. Call 1-844-347-2955.

Medication Therapy Management

The Healthfirst Medication Therapy Program is a free service for eligible Healthfirst members. A licensed pharmacist thoroughly reviews all your medications, will answer any questions you have about your medications, and can work with your doctor on any adjustments you may need with your medications. To see if you’re eligible for the program, click below:

Community Resources

Sometimes the daily stress of managing life can make it hard to manage your health.
If you need help with this, we can help connect you to community resources.

Here’s how to find help with essential services in your area:

1) Sign in to the Healthfirst NY Mobile App

Tap on “Resources” (near the bottom of the screen) to get started.

2) Search for services near you

Get assistance with food, housing, education, employment, childcare, and many other challenges.

Don’t have the app yet?

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If your Healthfirst plan includes an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance, we’ll send you a pre-funded Healthfirst OTC card. For information on how to activate your OTC card, how your allowance works, what you can buy with it, and more, click below:

As a reminder, unlike prescription medications, most OTC drugs don’t require a doctor’s prescription and can be bought at a regular store, not just a pharmacy. Also, since you don’t need a prescription, remember that these items aren’t covered by your plan’s prescription drug benefit, but you may be able to get them with your OTC allowance.

Pharmacy Questions

Which pharmacies can I go to for my prescription medication?
Is mail order available for prescriptions?
Can prescriptions be delivered to your home for free?
Do I have to stay with the pharmacy that already has my prescription information?
Is there a way to know my cost for a drug before I get to the pharmacy?
Must I go only to CVS pharmacy to get my prescriptions?
Why does CVS Caremark appear on my Healthfirst Member ID card?

Prescription Coverage Questions

How can I check if a prescription is covered by Healthfirst?
How will I know if there is a change to my plan's formulary?
What is prior authorization?
Is there a way to know my cost for a drug before I get to the pharmacy?
What’s the difference between generic drugs and brand-name drugs?
What is a deductible?
What is the Coverage Gap (Donut Hole)?


You can find various forms, documents, and resources, listed by your plan.

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Coverage Decisions, Appeals, and Complaints for Medicare Members

For Medicare Advantage members, you can find information and forms related to coverage determinations, appeals, and complaints here.

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