Statement from Healthfirst Condemning Discrimination Against the Asian-American Community

Feb 26, 2021

The following statement can be attributed to Pat Wang, President and Chief Executive Officer, Healthfirst, in response to the spike in anti-Asian violence and hate crimes

I am deeply distressed by the increasing incidence of violence and hate crimes targeted at the Asian-American community. All of us must always recognize and reject racial, ethnic, and xenophobic bias in our minds, but when this manifests itself in violence against a fellow human being, we must loudly raise the alarm and work together to stop it. For the Asian-American community in particular, we must also reject the hateful stereotypes that some have perpetrated too freely and too often in recent times, and to remember that our country is built on diversity and the contributions of every group of people that calls it their home.

Healthfirst stands in solidarity with the Asian-American community, of which I am a proud daughter. As part of our company’s mission and culture, we work hard to remove barriers and to improve health outcomes for all our members, especially those subjected to senseless prejudice. We are proud to serve our Asian-American members and to work with our provider and community partners who are from and who serve this community as we continue to commit ourselves to advancing health equity and addressing racial and social justice for all New Yorkers.