The Community is Encouraged to “Come Together for Better Health”

NEW YORK, June 10, 2019 – Healthfirst proudly presents its 6th Annual Health & Wellness Expo in the Bronx on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Gouverneur Playground in the Bronx – Third Avenue between 170th Street and St. Paul’s Place, from 12pm – 6pm.

The Expo, which is free and open to the public, is an ideal opportunity for the community to learn about disease management, prevention, and lifestyle changes, while engaging in family-friendly activities. The Expo Plaza includes The Kids’ Zone with face painting and bouncy castles; The Health & Wellness Zone offering informative wellness programs; The Medical Pavilion providing free medical screenings; The Get Fit Zone leading interactive workouts with fitness instructors; and The Main Stage showcasing live entertainment throughout the day including the Delfonics, Trusol, Mercy Group, and Petawane.

“As it has done in past years, the 2019 Health & Wellness Expo will act as a community forum to generate awareness, discussion, and action regarding health and wellness,” said Jeff Ross, Healthfirst, Community Lead. “The Expo offers health education and exposes people to a wide variety of tools, products, and services that can help them to take the necessary steps to manage common health issues that are preventable if we all work together as a community.”

Healthfirst aims to create a premier experience to address the health needs of the communities we serve.  Additional sponsors include Claremont Neighborhood Center Inc., Family Medicine, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, New York City Housing Residents Association and William Hodson Senior Center.

For more information on the 2019 Health & Wellness Expo visit the Healthfirst Facebook page.

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